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“Universities can be used as mentoring, training and couching grounds to the students, encouraging them to start their own business while in school” Kashifu Inuwa, the Director-General, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), has challenged Universities in the country to devote greater​​ attention to entrepreneurship training in order to produce […]

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) wishes to officially inform telecoms consumers, whose Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards are barred from making calls, that affected SIMs will not be unbarred by the service providers until they are linked with the National Identification Numbers (NINs) of the SIM holders. This information has […]

Forget oil, gas or rare-earth elements, data in the coming years is set to become the world’s most valuable resource. Advances in technology, from robotics to artificial intelligence, are transforming industries across the world. Industry 4.0 is the next phase in digitalization. It is driven by a sharp rise in […]

Over the next five years, three new heavy-lift rockets will put thousands of satellites into low earth orbit as part of Amazon’s Project Kuiper. The project aims to provide broadband connections using a constellation of 3,236 satellites. Rival Starlink is said to have more than 2,300 satellites in orbit already. […]

Consistent with its recognition of the academia as a central stakeholder in its commitment to linkages and local development sphere of the Nigeria’s telecommunications sector, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has awarded fresh research grants and endowed professorial chairs in some Nigerian universities in the sum of N233 million. From […]