Robotics Centre Train Nigerian Youths on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Nigerian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (NGC), in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment partnered with Robotics Centre, Oniru Lagos to deliver an Artificial Intelligence and Robotics training to 50 Nigerian youths.

The 6 weeks intensive training focused on developing skills that will empower the youths in areas of Automation, Machine learning, Robotics and AI which are relevant skills required to drive business innovation and transformation through the fourth industrial revolution.

The Chairman, in his opening remarks stated that there were identified gaps in Africa’s artificial intelligence and robotics space and decided to fill this gap by setting up a Training & Research with a vision to become the foremost robotics and artificial intelligence technology centre leading the automation transition in Africa.

It is important that the youth are ready for the jobs of the future, we want to make sure people get introduced to new skills that are in demand in the labour market and we hope that with this training, the students can start building new ideas and career plans for themselves’. Sandra Vermuijten, Team lead at Nigerian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration

The beneficiaries of this training acquired knowledge and worked on several projects like smart waste bin. Developed by Zainab Afolabi and her team, the waste bins are fitted with sensors that allow them open up when it detects incoming trash, they also have indicators that notifies users of the level of waste. This technology can make waste collection become more operationally driven and enhance effective waste management system in Nigeria.

AI has a significant impact and use case in several sectors of the global economy and has played a very important role during the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. The application of AI, robotics and Internet of Things allows recognition and analysis of multiple complex patterns and information which simplifies business operations. The knowledge of this future tech will enable youths transfer knowledge and create solutions that will solve everyday problems.

“This is definitely the beginning; I plan to use the knowledge and the kits given to us to work more on myself by bringing up ideas and creating solutions with the available components that I have. I will also be transferring the knowledge gained from this training by teaching people who are interested in learning and gaining knowledge in AI and robotics.” Taqwallah Adekoya.

Some of the projects that have been developed through Robotic centre include – a humanoid robot V1.0, ventilator, automated hand washing machine, obstacle detection robotic car, diesel monitoring system, smart extension, smart bin, smart home and a number of projects that were made recycling materials. The Robotics Centre offers training for schools (in-school program and extra curriculum program) and young adults with a desire to build careers in Robotics & AI.

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