Theatres look to tech to keep performing Close aver since COVID19 Theatre has had a particularly tough time since the March coronavirus lockdown. Technology is now trying to fill the void until actors can begin treading the boards again, but can it really replicate the excitement of a live performance? […]

by TechTV Network It’s hard to beat being able to tell your sound system to select and play a particular song, or order something online using just your voice, or have your refrigerator tell you when you’re running short of food, or have your office printer diagnose itself and demand […]

Before the pandemic hit Anne Frankenstein would be DJ-ing in bars or clubs most Friday and Saturday nights. She laughs when asked if she misses it: “Not really, I kind of prefer the quiet life. I think I was playing a few too many gigs before lockdown. It’s been nice […]

Some of the world’s top banks have been found to be complicit in aiding criminals move $2 trillion in dirty money around the world, according to leaked government files. Banks Fingered in $2trn Dirty Money Scam The exposition was done by Buzzfeed News and shared with the International Consortium of […]

The stampede from offices to working from home has strained IT security teams to their limits. As a result, SMBs find they need to get more bang for fewer bucks to fight off cybersecurity threats. Network security firm Untangle on Sept. 8 released the results of its third annual SMB […]